Commission Factory has filled a need in Australia for a professional and high quality network that always has the end user in mind.

The Commission Factory Story

Commission Factory is the brainchild of it‘s three directors; three guys that have lived and breathed affiliate marketing, programming and design for almost all of their working careers.

After a few excursions to the UK, attending affiliate conferences etc; they saw just how grown-up and mature the affiliate industry had become in other parts of the world and felt that Australia had fallen far behind and something had to be done.

The network launched in July 2011 after months of research, development and a whole lot of programming and design. The platform was built from the ground up, from a single line of code. Not feeling very enthused by off-the-shelf solutions and limitations to scalability and customisations, the decision to build Commission Factory from the ground up was a unanimous decision.

After 6 months the network continued to grow at a rapid pace with affiliate and merchants around the country thanking them for coming into the market and giving some much needed competition and choice. Month after month Commission Factory has seen 100 - 200% growth in their affiliate pool and merchant enquiries and sign-ups, disproving that Australia wasn‘t ripe for affiliate marketing, people just weren‘t given the right tools and support.

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Investor Relations

Commission Factory is currently a private company that seeks beneficial relationships with those that would like to invest. If you feel that our network is a perfect symbiosis with your investment portfolio please contact us so that we can put you onto our Investment Manager.

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