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In Merchants   Posted January 16th, 2013
By Commission Factory

PT Train International is a fitness training provider offering Cert III and Cert IV in fitness. Training is nationally recognised and accredited by Fitness Australia.

This program is perfect for if you have traffic related to fitness, education and careers. We’re looking for leads of people that are interested in changing their life and becoming a personal trainer. Our vision is to create Fitness Industry Leaders with outstanding Personal Trainer Qualifications. We do not appreciate gimmicks, and we do not deliver them…

To ensure we constantly provide education above industry standards, we have put together an outstanding team of lecturers, all of whom are University Qualified professionals with extensive experience in all avenues of the Fitness Industry.

PT Train International put a lot of time and effort into following up our leads within 15 minutes and qualifying them for legitimacy so we do not accept any incentivised traffic or cashback sites, but do allow all other forms of promotion.

About our Affiliate Program

  • Easy conversion on form submit (one page)
  • $20 per valid lead
  • Leads in Australia only.
  • No incentive traffic
  • Leads are only paid on forms that are fully filled in with a valid mobile number.
  • All leads are qualified by our sales team
  • Landing page:


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