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Introducing the next generation of affiliate networks: fast, flexible, intuitive and beautiful

Everything you need.

Built from the ground up, Commission Factory is the entire suite when it comes to starting and running an affiliate campaign.

The system has been designed to educate-as-you-go and caters to both the novice affiliate manager to the most advanced.

It‘s all there when you need it and being a web-based platform means you can access your account at anytime, from anywhere and from a range of different devices.

Industry leading platform.

Our platform was created from a marriage of experience and skills ranging from graphic design to programming to ensure you have the most gorgeous and functional affiliate network.

The symbiosis of form and function is paramount to the success of Commission Factory and why our clients love using our platform.

Our system is also supported by experienced merchant and affiliate managers.

Simple and fast setup.

The below steps are all that‘s required to get up and running with an affiliate program.

Application and Approval

Click the Sign Up button and fill out our quick questionnaire about your business.

Once reviewed one of our sales staff will contact you via email with instructions on accessing your account.


Your Account Manager will not only help to develop a coherent growth strategy with you but also assist and coordinate the integration of our tracking code into your cart.

You will also be guided through the creatives you need to offer.

Final review and going live

Now that your program is finished we‘ll review it to ensure it will attract affiliates.

Once reviewed we will then set your account LIVE and announce it out to community forums and through our social media channels.

Quality affiliates.

We have an ever growing pool of affiliates that are always on the lookout for offers/programs to promote.

Our affiliate base is across a broad range of widely used and accepted verticals, specialisation and promotional methods.

Automated security and authority checks are done on every affiliate that becomes a member, to ensure high quality standards and integrity are maintained.